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Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil


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Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil

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Torco's TBO Premium Break-In Oil is perfectly blended to provide protection during initial start-up and break-in of all new and rebuilt engines. Formulated with a high percentage of 'Zinc' anti-wear chemistry for proper valve train and new cam break-in protection. Allows rings to 'seat' properly and provides necessary engine flush prior to switching to a synthetic motor oil, or oil of choice. Engines properly run-in on TBO will produce power gains.
Sold in Litre bottles

Chemically Balanced for Wear Protection
Prepares New Surfaces
Promotes Proper Seating of Parts
Cleans Surfaces
Dyno Flush
Available in SAE 30 and SAE 40 viscosities

Product Codes
A100030CE - SAE 30
A100040CE - SAE 40

Available to Special Order in 5 US Gallon (19 litre) pails - Please Call

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