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Torco T-4R Four Stroke Motorcycle Oil

T4R 10W40
T4R 10W40

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Torco T-4R Four Stroke Motorcycle Oil

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Torco T-4R 4-Cycle Oil is a 100% synthetic base oil combined with Torco's proprietary race proven additives. Designed specifically for high output, heavily stressed engines, T-4R reduces friction, temperature, oil consumption and helps to extend drain intervals. Anti-wear and anti-friction additives work to improve shear stability and provide smooth, positive clutch engagement and extreme pressure protection. T-4R is a non-friction modified formula, making it safe for both integrated and separate transmission systems.

Features and Benefits:

100% Synthetic

  • MPZ® frictional loss technology
  • Improves ring seal
  • Provides smooth, positive clutch activation
  • Superior anti-wear and deposit free performance

Product Codes:
• T671044CE - 10w40 - 1 litre bottle
• T672055CE - 20w50 - 1 litre bottle

Torco T-4R is available to special order for workshop use in 5 US Gallon (19litre) pails - Please call for details.

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