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Nimbus GII Heat Shield

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Nimbus GII Heat Shield

From £39.90 + VAT

Double layer aluminium sheet, double formed

Product thickness 4.45mm

Nimbus GII is a revolutionary heat shield material. Its double layer of aluminium structure gives a highly efficient thermal barrier coupled with effective acoustic damping characteristics. Furthermore, with its unique construction it provides the designer with the exceptional mechanical strength without the penalty of increased weight, and the ability to accommodate complex forming applications.

Benefits of Nimbus GII:
• Acoustically damped
• Thermally efficient
• Fully recyclable
• Low Weight
• Ease of forming

Typical Protection Applications Include:
• Steering racks
• General underfloor
• Fuel tanks
• Spare wheel wells
• Exhaust hangers

Product Codes
• G2A - 1230mm x 1200mm, 2.40kg
• G2B - 1200mm x 615mm, 1.20kg
• G2C - 615mm x 600mm, 0.60kg


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