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Fuse Hot Foot 20 OE


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Fuse Hot Foot 20 OE

£91.67 + VAT

The FUSE Hot Foot OE series generously blends oxygen enriched components to provide more horsepower and torque. Detonation resistance is of maximum importance and therefore each fuel in this range is named based on its Motor Octane rating. As with all FUSE fuels, these products are FULLY UNLEADED. The oxygen enrichment will rebalance the incoming air flow and fuel to give an optimal airflow to fuel ratio, increasing overall performance.

Hot Foot 20 OE
Product Specification

Motor Octane Rating - 120
Research Octane Rating - 120+
Specific Gravity - .764
Colour - Crystal Clear

£110inc VAT

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19 Litres | £91.67


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